Energy efficient HUS is a provider of «green» national economy!

Energy of our Forum is your business’s energy development!

Energy efficient HUS is a provider of «green» national economy!

Energy of our Forum is your business’s energy development!

Business program

1. Eco-innovation – «green technologies», nanotechnologies.

2. Energy conservation, energy efficiency, resource conservation.

3. Alternative energy sources, alternative energy saving systems.

4. Energy audits, energy management and energy-efficient, environmental design.

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Results and new energy audit program
  • New approaches of the energy

5. Modernization of multifamily housing and social- administrative buildings.

  • Thermal modernization, overhaul, reconstruction.
  • Effective technology and equipment for reconstruction and modernization.
  • Energy-efficient roofing and facade materials, systems of hydro - and thermal insulation, nanotechnologies.
  • Windows, facades, new technologies and materials.
  • Basements: waterproofing, engineering systems and networks.
  • Entry elements: doors, door closers and video surveillance systems, access control and limitation.
  • Energy-efficient ventilation systems, climatic settings.

6. Heat supply

  • Automated control systems (ASUTPTST), heat points (ATP), design, installation and maintenance.
  • Engineering structures, systems, open, closed heating networks and heated floors.
  • Heating equipment and systems
  1. DHW (domestic hot water) systems, centralized (TSSGV) and local
  2. Modular boiler
  3. Boilers, machinery
  4. Heat exchangers
  5. Generators
  6. Pumps stations
  7. Radiators
  8. Heat devices
  9. Thermostatic
  10. Boilers
  11. Collectors
  12. Balancing system
  13. Accounting, instrumentation and automation, scheduling heating systems
  14. Pipelines, new technologies
  15. Heat protection, new technologies
  16. Valves

7. Water treatment systems, water supply and sanitation, «green technologies» conservation

  • Engineering constructions, communication, design, installation, maintenance
  1. Automated control systems
  2. Water treatment technology and systems
  3. DHW (domestic hot water) systems, centralized and local
  4. Pumping systems
  5. Accumulators
  6. Plumbing fixtures, fittings, pipes, fittings
  7. Polymeric materials, insulation, new technologies
  8. Pipelines, new technologies
  9. Accounting, instrumentation and automation, scheduling systems
  10. Water treatment technology and systems
  11. Wastewater treatment, eco- technologies

8. Individual life-support systems

  1. Heat pumps
  2. Individual boilers
  3. Photovaltonic
  4. Local waste treatment plants, wastewater treatment
  5. Cleaning and regeneration stations
  6. Septic tank
  7. Environmental technology

9. Construction industry, «green building»

  1. Environmental, energy-efficient design and construction
  2. Innovative building materials, equipment, nanotechnology
  3. Equipment for the production of building materials
  4. Technology Building and equipping of energy efficient buildings
  5. Automation of technological processes of the building
  6. Technology carriers walling
  7. Engineering equipment
  8. Roofing, finishing materials
  9. Manufacture of metal
  10. Thermal insulation, waterproofing
  11. Formwork systems, scaffolding
  12. Construction equipment, construction machinery and tools
  13. Housing and new trends
  14. Residential design and engineering
  15. Manufacture of automation systems
  16. Welding equipment
  17. Workwear and protective equipment, safety
  18. Fire protection, video surveillance
  19. Manufacture and installation of control and access control
  20. Woodworking equipment and supplies

10. Lift facilities: elevators, lifting equipment and dispatching.

  1. Manufacture of elevators and elevator equipment
  2. Design, manufacture and installation of elevator shafts
  3. Elevators: passenger, cargo, lifts for the disabled, sick, panoramic, cottage, hydraulic
  4. - Modernization, maintenance, overhaul
  5. - Handling equipment, escalators, moving walks
  6. - Design and installation of traffic control communications systems
  7. - Radio-electronic and electronic systems
  8. - Waterproofing works
  9. - Energy-saving elevators
  10. - Monitoring system
  11. - Recovery lifts
  12. - CCTV systems
  13. - Components, spare parts, tools, accessories
  14. - Environmental safety

11. Equipment and technologies for gas and gas facilities.

12. Electrical, electronic equipment, power supply.

  1. Metering devices, control, automation, legal and regulatory framework of energy
  2. Design, energy facilities, engineering networks
  3. Transformer substations
  4. Power transformers
  5. Power, low-voltage equipment
  6. Device, equipment, contactors, panels, stabilizers and accessories etc.
  7. Insulation, power tools

13. Energy-efficient lighting fixtures, lighting systems and controls, LED technology and systems, energy-efficient LED lights for Housing

  1. Automated control and monitoring systems
  2. Energy-saving LED lighting
  3. Energy-efficient technology, innovation
  4. Lighting equipment
  5. Track, modular, cable lighting system
  6. Lighting of entrances, stairwells, pedestrian crossings, streets and roads, basements, household rooms , emergency lighting
  7. Architectural, sports, decorative, industrial and outdoor lighting
  8. Environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly technologies

14. Management of solid waste (MSW)

  1. Equipment for the collection and sorting.
  2. Recycling of solid waste and eco-technology.

15. Infrastructure, landscaping yard areas, gardening and landscaping.

16. Professional management and maintenance of housing.

17. Grounds care. Construction equipment and tools.

18. Education system and training for the sphere of housing and construction.